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Asking the right questions

Posted by Runway on Dec 29, 2015 8:39:17 AM

Matt WaltersThis has been a pretty quiet week for most of us, which is a good thing. At Runway, I’m seeing some folks work through the holiday season and some folks out of the office, hopefully spending time with family and loved ones.

Fred Wilson had an interesting post this week about what he wishes every entrepreneur would ask him. To spoil the surprise, it’s what he would worry about if he were running their business. This is sound advice. I think that we tend to hide our weakest spots and pretend they don’t exist. However, we should be talking about them all the time, thinking about them all the time and getting advice in those areas. I don’t mean the worries like “will anyone like me”. I mean those problems like, “is our product differentiated enough from our competitor’s”, or “what if we don’t have the right team members on board”. Because these are issues we can do something about and really need to do something about. And we can change them for the better. It’s like working out or eating healthy - these options to make us better are available to us all. Getting help and advice is the best way to get started, and form a close bond with someone you’re asking to be a shareholder in your company.

Looking ahead, I hope all of you have fantastic and safe New Year’s Eve, and more importantly, a prosperous and happy 2016!


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