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The Future is Looking Bright for Runway

Posted by Joe Vasquez on Apr 12, 2016 4:55:10 PM

It’s been a good month at Runway. In addition to launching Michelson Runway, our new edtech accelerator focused on higher education and lifelong learning, we are proud to announce that we have partnered with Silicon Valley Bank in creating the Runway Hardware Hub. The Runway Hardware Hub is our commitment to supporting hardware companies at Runway with 3D printers, desktop CNC machines, tooling equipment, and more. We are also partnering with Seeed Studio, China’s premier maker space and manufacturer of hardware prototyping products, to bring in more maker equipment and put on classes and seminars for entrepreneurs and everyone interested in the hardware journey. In the same area, we’re bringing in AR and VR equipment so AR and VR companies can show off their content to investors, partners and everyone who is interested.

Why are we doing this? Mostly because it’s fun. But also because we’re big believers in the market opportunities in the IoT world, as well as AR and VR. And we want to do as much as possible to support our entrepreneurs in these areas.

Stay tuned for more events to come at Runway in the hardware, robotics, AR and VR space, and for more info on how you can get involved in the Runway Hardware Hub. We’re just getting started.  

Joe Vasquez

Written by Joe Vasquez

Joe has a passion for helping entrepreneurs and corporations to innovate. He was an early co-founder of StartX, an accelerator for Stanford entrepreneurs. Prior to joining Runway, Joe taught at the Kauffman Fellows Academy and was a Data Analyst Fellow at LocoMotive Labs. Joe started his career in investment banking at Goldman Sachs and spent two years teaching bilingual math with Teach For America. Joe holds a BS in Atmosphere & Energy Engineering from Stanford University.

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