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From Nearly Drowning to Successful Startup

Posted by Runway on Dec 1, 2016 10:05:00 AM

Runway Startup Restube Launches its Life-saving Products on Kickstarter



“Ten years ago I nearly drowned kitesurfing. It took me almost an hour to get to shore through powerful waves and a strong riptide,” said Christopher Fuhrhop, CEO and Founder of Restube. This near-death experience was the catalyst for the creation of Restube, a startup with the mission to create innovative water safety products for watersports and recreational enthusiasts worldwide.

The RESTUBE is worn as a sporty, hip-side pack (about the size of a wallet) and inflates with the aid of a high-performance CO2 cartridge. To use RESTUBE, users pull the trigger and the buoy inflates within seconds providing both floatation and visibility. After use simply replace the CO2 cartridge and the device is ready to use again. In 2015 Restube extended their product range for professionals with their lifeguard version.

“Fast forward to today, and our products have saved over 25 lives. And now, we have designed the most compact inflatable life jacket by U.S. standards, and the smallest and most versatile Restube Swim Tube ever.” The new Restube Ultralite line is designed to be the smallest and lightest available while continuing to meet rigorous quality and engineering standards.

Restube inflatable flotation buoys have been used in competitive and recreational events around the world, but the company remains focused on innovation, and the many applications and evolving requirements of today’s water sports. The young company and its founder Christopher Fuhrhop have just begun to fulfil their vision of bring safety to water sports and recreation.

To fund their new Ultralite product line, Restube has launched a Kickstarter campaign featuring their two inflatable flotation systems aimed at improving safety for boaters and swimmers. With the Ultralite Life Jacket, Restube is now able to meet the safety demands of stand-up paddling and boating, activities requiring approved life preservers. Also introduced, the Restube Ultralite Swim Tube, the latest, smallest and most versatile flotation innovation for triathletes, open water or recreational swimmers.

The Kickstarter campaign is live and will remain online through mid-December. Kickstarter supporters can pledge to the project now to receive the first Restube Ultralite Life Jacket designed for US Coast Guard approval and the Restube Ultralite Swim Tube, the latest evolution of the unique, proven Restube Swim Tube. Product is expected to be delivered Spring 2017. For more information, visit the Restube Kickstarter site at



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