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This Week's AI News (11.14.2016)

Posted by Runway on Nov 14, 2016 3:21:55 PM

Headlines and investments in Artificial Intelligence.

tendai.jpg's versatile system allowing a robot arm to tend to a dozen or more printers, laser cutters and other modern workshop tools.  


  • The Administration's Report on the Future of Artificial Intelligence. Read More.
  • How Artificial Intelligence Will Redefine Management. Read More.
  • China's big Artificial Intelligence (AI) push. Read More.
  • Artificial intelligence 'judge' developed by UCL computer scientists. Read More.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Stephen Hawking on the dangers of Artificial intelligence. Read More.
  • Sure, A.I. Is Powerful—But Can We Make It Accountable? Read More.
  • Samsung to launch AI digital assistant with Galaxy S8. Read More.
  • AppDynamics update looks to measure impact of performance on business. Read More.
  • Shining light on Facebook’s AI strategy. Read More.


  • raises $2M for robot arms that operate multiple 3D printers. Read more
  • Notion AI (app for managing the daily flood of email) raises $9.5M. Read more.
  • Raises $6.3 Million, launches AI Platform That Learns What Works Across Sales Conversations - Read more
  • Octane, Chatbot Platform AI, Raises $1.5M - Read More
  • Graphcore raises $30m to launch intelligent processor - Read More
  • Voyager, AI engine for risk assessment, crisis management, intelligence, and fraud protection raises $100M - Read More
  • Unbabel, Portuguese AI translate startup, raises $5M- Read More
  • Resolver, customer complaint platform raises £2.8M - Read More
  • Corseco, AI-based solution software as a service company raises $150K in funding - Read More
  • ASI Data Science, which trains computer scientists in using artificial intelligence raises £1.5M - Read More
  • RegTech, a startup that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help firms meet AML and terrorst financing rules, raises $8.2m in funding - Read More



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