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Tour Runway from the Comfort of Your Home – Courtesy of Xspaced!

Posted by Joe Vasquez on Jan 19, 2016 10:02:13 PM

We're fortunate to be surrounded by really great startups all of the time building unique products. One of these companies is Xspaced, a startup that has a goal of helping people to make a fast and right decision when looking to buy or rent real estate. They believe that "being" on a property without physically being there makes a BIG difference (Source: Crunchbase). And we agree!


Runway Emirates Travel Hackathon Recap

Posted by Runway Incubator on Nov 20, 2015 4:27:50 PM

Emirates Travel doesn't often stop by San Francisco ... but when they do, they choose Runway! And thank goodness they did ... the Nov 7/8 Runway Emirates Travel Hackathon was wildly successful for all parties, a true privilege for us, and the biggest sleepover that any of us had ever been to.